Dainis Grube


Dainis Grube is a famous Latvian actor, was born in Madona, Latvia. He moved to Riga, Latvia to study acting in Latvian Academy of Culture and graduated from it in 2009. He is currently living in Riga, Latvia. He is an actor who works in Films, Theatre, Television and Voice Over.

Dainis is fluent in English, native is Latvian. Also his second language is Russian. 

Dainis Grube two years in a row won Latvian Theatre's Award of "The Night of Artist" in category BEST LATVIAN ACTOR in 2014 and 2015. Also Dainis was nominated for the Best Actor Award for the role of Creature in the "Frankenstein" performance. All three years in a row he won People’s Choice Awards!

Dainis Grube has played a supporting lead role of The Young Pastor Frank in an American feature film "Welcome to Mercy", set in the 19 century castle Zvartava on the border of Latvia and Estonia. The production was directed by Tommy Bertelsen (USA) and filmed in January and February 2017. 

Also in 2017 he has played supporting role Police Officer in Russian feature film "Van Gogi", director Sergey Livnev (RUS) filmed in Russia, Latvia and Israel; 

Leading role Henry in Ukranian TV-series "Love Through The Enter" director Aleksandr Timenko (UA) filmed in Ukraine. 

Supporting role Fritz in Latvian feature film "The Mover" director Davis Simonis (LV).

Supporting lead role Prince of Saaremaa in Latvian-English feature film "The Pagan King" director A.Grauba (LV).

Dainis always looking for new interesting projects and love to work abroad.