Julia Berngardt

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Julia Berngardt was born in Riga, Latvia. She studied acting in Latvian Academy of Culture, graduated in 2014. It was Igor Konyaev’s and professor Elena Chernaya's course from Russian Federation. She is currently living in Riga and working at the Riga Russian Theatre of Mikhail Chekhov.

She is an actress who stars in Films, Theatre and Television projects. 

In 2016 she won Award of “Best Young Actress of The Riga Russian Theatre" in the 2015/2016 season.

Julia is fluent in English and Latvian, native is Russian and have basics in French. 

In 2018 she played leading role Olga in Ukranian TV-series "Love Through The Enter” directed by Aleksandr Timenko (UA) and filmed in Ukraine.

In 2017 she played supporting role Rita in Estonian feature film “Sangarid", directed by Jaak Kilmi (EST) and filmed in Estonia. 

In 2014, she took a refresher course in a St.Petersburg summer Theatre School (Gogol themed).

In 2006 she finished Paula Yuryana Music School (piano class). She practiced professional dancing for 10 years and was practicing vocal since 5 years old. To this day she participates in all musical themed plays in her theatre.