Dainis Grube


Dainis Grube is a famous Latvian actor, was born in Madona, Latvia. He moved to Riga, Latvia to study acting in Latvian Academy of Culture and graduated from it in 2009. He is currently living in Riga, Latvia. He is an actor who works in Films, Theatre, Television and Voice Over.

Dainis is fluent in English, native is Latvian. Also his second language is Russian. 

Dainis Grube two years in a row won Latvian Theatre's Award of "The Night of Artist" in category BEST LATVIAN ACTOR in 2014 and 2015. Also Dainis was nominated for the Best Actor Award for the role of Creature in the "Frankenstein" performance. All three years in a row he won People’s Choice Awards!

Dainis Grube has played a supporting lead role of The Young Pastor Frank in an American feature film "Welcome to Mercy", set in the 19 century castle Zvartava on the border of Latvia and Estonia. The production was directed by Tommy Bertelsen (USA) and filmed in January and February 2017. 

Also in 2017 he has played supporting role Police Officer in Russian feature film "Van Gogi", director Sergey Livnev (RUS) filmed in Russia, Latvia and Israel; 

Leading role Henry in Ukranian TV-series "Love Through The Enter" director Aleksandr Timenko (UA) filmed in Ukraine. 

Supporting role Fritz in Latvian feature film "The Mover" director Davis Simonis (LV).

Supporting lead role Prince of Saaremaa in Latvian-English feature film "The Pagan King" director A.Grauba (LV).

Dainis always looking for new interesting projects and love to work abroad.

Ieva Seglina


Ieva Seglina was born in Riga, Latvia. She moved to Moscow, Russia to study acting in Acting studio-school MHAT (course of Roman Kozak and Dmitry Brusnikin) and graduated in 2011. She is currently living in Riga, Latvia. 

Now Ieva is playing episode role of Female Upiry in new vampire TV series “Heirs of the Night” (2019-2020), created by Diederik Van Rooijen and still filming.

Ieva is fluent in English, Latvian, Russian. 

She is an actress who works in Films, Theatre and Television.  

Recently, Ieva has played supporting role Young Elena in an American feature film "Welcome to Mercy” that is released on IFC Films in 2018. The production was directed by Tommy Bertelsen (USA) and filmed in January and February 2017 in Latvia. The story is about a young woman who struggles against the unholy forces that possess her in this terrifying occult thriller. 

Also in 2018 Ieva has played leading role Eva in Latvian feature film "EVA", dir. Kristians Riekstins (LV).

In 2015 she was nominated to Latvian Film Award "Big Kristaps” (“Lielais Kristaps”) in category Actress of the Year and nomination to Latvian Theatre's award of "The Night of Artist" in category Best Supporting Actress

In 2013 she was nominated to Latvian Theatre's award of "The Night of Artist" in category Best Actress and in 2007 in category Best Young Actress.

In 2015 she played supporting role Ann in Russian feature film "From 5 to 7”, director Vladimir Shegolkov (RU) and supporting role Rita in Russian TV-series "Love of Alyoshka”, director Elena Nikolaeva (RU); 

In 2014 she played supporting role of Ballerina in Russian TV-series "Heritage" directed by Aleksandr Kasatkin (RU) and supporting role Waitress in Russian Tv-series "Quest", director Aleksandr Danilov and Andrey Zagidulin. 

Toms Liepajnieks


Toms Liepajnieks was born in Tukums, Latvia. He moved to Riga, Latvia to study acting in Latvian Academy of Culture and graduated in 2011. Then he travelled to London, UK to do a masterclass at "Method Acting Classes" by Sam Rumbelow. In 2016 and 2017 Toms flew to Los Angeles, USA to do a masterclass at "Studio4 James Franco's Acting and Film School". He is currently living in Riga, LV. 

Toms is fluent in English and Latvian. Also basics knowledge of Russian language.
He is an actor, who works in Films, Theatre and Television.  

In 2012 he was nominated at Latvian Theatre Awards as Best Young Actor

In 2017 he won at Latvian Theatre Festival "The Patriarch's Autumn" in category of Best Actor.
Toms Liepajnieks has played a supporting role Young Father Joseph in an American feature film "Welcome to Mercy", set in the 19 century castle Zvartava on the border of Latvia and Estonia. The production was directed by Tommy Bertelsen (USA), produced by Carry Granat (USA), Daren Goldberg (USA) and filmed in January and February 2017. 

In 2016 he played supporting role Irving Berlin in American feature film "Paris Song” (aka “Amre”), dir. Jeff Vespa (USA) filmed in America, Latvia and Kazakhstan; 

Supporting role Kaspars in Latvian TV series "House near the lake" dir.  Armands Zvirbulis (LV), supporting role Kaspars in Latvian Feature Film "Exiled", director Davis Simanis Jr., starring Ulrich Matthes and supporting role Lars Hendrickson in Russian TV-series "Endless Summer" dir. Valentina Vlasova (RU). 

In 2015 supporting role Kheskuld in Russian feature film "VIKING" dir. Andrey Kravchuk filmed in Russia; Supporting role Leka in Russian TV-series "DED 005" director Mger Mkrtchan (RU); Supporting role Chesnok in Russian TV-series "QUEST" dir. Aleksandr Danilov (RU). 

Rihards Lepers


Rihards Lepers is one of the greatest Latvian actors. He was born in Varaklani, Latvia. He moved to the capital to study acting in Latvian Academy of Culture and was graduated in 2007. He is currently living in Riga, Latvia. He is a well known actor who works in Films, Theatre and Television.

Rihards is fluent in Latvian, English and Russian.


2018 “Paris Song” (aka “AMRE”), Stage Announcer, dir. Jeff Vespa (USA)

2018 “On One Breath”, Monsieur Valmorel (lead), dir. Maria de Valukhoff (RU)

2016 ‘’Black Flower’’; Vitas (lead), dir. Roman Barabash (UA)

2105 ‘’Catherine the Great’’; Stanislaw Panetovsky, The King of Poland, dir. Igor Zaitsev (RU)

2014 ‘’Pushkin-Lermontov: A Duel’’; Dantes, dir. Denis Bannikov (RU)

2013 ‘’Dugun Dernek’’ (The Wedding); Victor, dir. Selcuk Aydemir (TR)

2013 ‘’Berlin file’’; dir. Seung wan Ryoo (KR)

2012 ‘’Dream team 1935’’; dir. A. Grauba (LV)

2010 “Rudolf’s’ Heritage”; dir. J. Streičs (LV)

2009 “Little Robbers”; Sam the banker, dir. A. Zvirbulis (LV)

2008 ‘’The Only Photograph’’Ansis (lead); dir. Brigita Eglīte (LV)

2007 “Celebrate Children” Aidis (lead). dir. J.Pakalniņš (LV)

2007 “The Guardians of Riga”; dir. A. Grauba (LV)

2007 “Midsummer Night’’, dir. A. Hahn (LV/AU)


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Darta Danevica


Darta Danevica is an actress who works in Films, Theatre and Television. She was born in Jekabpils, Latvia. She moved to Riga to study law and after that acting in Acting studio-school LKA, graduated in 2011. Currently living in Riga, Latvia.

Darta is a famous media personality in Latvia’s Television. She has played more than five leading and supporting roles in popular Latvian TV series for different TV channels. 

In 2018 was released new Latvian feature film “JAUNGADA TAKSOMETRS” (“New Year’s Taxi”) directed by Maris Martinsons and starring with Darta one of the lead.

Also Darta has played leading role in art documentary film “NORA” dir. Linda Olte in 2018.

Darta is fluent in English, Latvian, German, Russian.

Darta also is hard working Theatre actress. Two years in a row she was nominated to Latvian Theatre's award of "The Night of Artist" in category Best Young Actress in 2012 and 2013.


Ivars Auzins

_MG_9481 copy 2.jpg


1993, Supporting role, Title:  “Red hot”. Drama. Production: "SC Entertainment International", Director, Paul Haggis. Canada

2002, Leading role. Peter. Short film. Drama.  Title: “7 flights. Bride of sky”. Production: Studio “AVE”. Director I.Preisa. Latvia.

2003, Supporting role. Vilis. Title:  “Inspektors Grauds”. TV series. Production: “Platforma Film”. Director A. Grauba. Latvia

2004,Supporting role. military. Title:  “Red chapter”.  TV series, Production: “Riga Film Studio”. Director Aleksandr Arshavin. Russia. 

2011,Supporting role. Andris. Title: “Būt mīlētai”.  TV series, Production: “LTV”. Director M. Martinsons. Latvia.

2012,Supporting role. Psychotherapist. Title:  “Ugunsgrēks”. TV series. Production: “SIA Ugunsgrēks”. Director Inta Gorodecka, Latvia

2013,Supporting role. Men who read names, Title: “The Cosmonaut”. Drama. Production: Entropy Studio, Forma Pro Films, Pecera Estudio.Director Nicolás Alcalá. Spain.

2013,Supporting role. Doctor, Title: “Eņģeļu iela 9”. TV series. Production “LTV”. Director Virdžīnija Lejiņa, Latvia

2013,Supporting role. American diplomat. Title:  “DED 005”. TV series. Production: Paradise Group, SinePro.  Director:  Arkadiy Grigoryan. Russia. 

2014,Supporting role. Eriks. Title:  “The Lesson”. Drama. Production: Horosho Production, Mojo Raiser Production, Riverbed. Director: Andris Gauja. Latvia/Russia.

2014,Supporting role. lieutenant, Title: “Dzim lai Rudi Ralallā”. Drama. Production: F.O.R.M.A. Director Maris Putnins. Latvia

2015 Valdo, Triller. Title:  “Johan Falk: Slutet”.  TV series. Production: Strix Drama, TV4 Sweden, ZDF. Director: Richard Holm. Sweden

2017-2018 Filming. Supporting role. Aperats Snore. Drama. Title: “Homo Novus”. Production: Angels Production. Director Anna Viduleja. Latvia

2018 Filming. Supporting role. Dr. Fincher  Title: “ Sarkanais Mežs”. Drama. TV series. Production:”Red Dot Media”.  Director Armands Zvirbulis. Latvia


Julia Berngardt

DSC_5434a (2).jpg

Julia Berngardt was born in Riga, Latvia. She studied acting in Latvian Academy of Culture, graduated in 2014. It was Igor Konyaev’s and professor Elena Chernaya's course from Russian Federation. She is currently living in Riga and working at the Riga Russian Theatre of Mikhail Chekhov.

She is an actress who stars in Films, Theatre and Television projects. 

In 2016 she won Award of “Best Young Actress of The Riga Russian Theatre" in the 2015/2016 season.

Julia is fluent in English and Latvian, native is Russian and have basics in French. 

In 2018 she played leading role Olga in Ukranian TV-series "Love Through The Enter” directed by Aleksandr Timenko (UA) and filmed in Ukraine.

In 2017 she played supporting role Rita in Estonian feature film “Sangarid", directed by Jaak Kilmi (EST) and filmed in Estonia. 

In 2014, she took a refresher course in a St.Petersburg summer Theatre School (Gogol themed).

In 2006 she finished Paula Yuryana Music School (piano class). She practiced professional dancing for 10 years and was practicing vocal since 5 years old. To this day she participates in all musical themed plays in her theatre. 


Maxim Busel


Maxim Busel is a prominent young Latvian stage and film actor.  Best known for his solo performance as Tim Tuni in The Legend of the Pianist. 1900. For this role, was nominated for Best Actor 2018 at “The Night of the Artist” award, the highest recognition in Latvian theatre and also a contender for Best Performance 2018. 

From 2015 til 2018, four years in a row, won the People’s choice award as Best Young Actor at the Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theater awards ceremony. 

A versatile actor, singer, musician and dancer, Maxim has leading roles at the Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre in various genres. He is also involved in numerous projects as a performer, composer, songwriter. Fluent in English, Russian (native) and Latvian and, as Max says about his French, ’un petite peu’.

Born in Riga, Latvia. Early on, Maxim pursued a musical education as a choir conductor and pianist, having graduated with honors was granted the opportunity to study at the Rimsky Korsakov Conservatory in St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Maxim’s passion for acting prevailed and he left school a year early to begin his theatrical studies at the Latvian Academy of Culture. He was accepted into the exclusive Russian Theater course, and enrolled at once in the 2nd year of studies, while simultaneously completing his secondary school education.  He graduated the Latvian Academy of Culture with a Bachelor of Arts in Stage and Film Acting in 2014. 

In 2015 Maxim Busel was nominated for the highest cinema award in Latvia, the “Big Kristaps” as Actor of the Year for the leading role “Maxim” in the short film Dance of Death directed by Vlad Kovalev. 

In 2019 he was lead in Ukrainian TV-series Zoya as Anton, the Prime Minister’s rich son, directed by Pavel Tupik (RU/UA).

In 2018-2019 played a bit role as the Young Jean Weiner (French actor, composer and pianist) in the American feature film Paris Song by Jeff Vespa (USA)

Also in 2018 he had a leading role as Nikolay Pandchenko, a famous singer, rock star in the Ukrainian TV film Chicken by Roman Brovko (UA). Maxim was also a composer of the soundtrack for this project. 

Leading role of ‘Maxim’ in the short film On One Breath (2018-2019) based on Jean Cocteau’s play The Ghost of Marseille directed by Maria de Valukhoff (RU).  

Supporting role of Mercutio in the full-length drama Romeo n’ Juliet by Maris Martinsons (LV/LT) in 2011.

Maxim currently resides in Riga and is open to new, unique projects in Europe and enjoys working abroad. 

Marija Linarte

Linarte profile pic.jpg

Marija is a very powerful young actress that does not hesitate of her ambitions. She was asked few times to quit actors academy but due to hard work she was finally accepted in "The New Riga Theatre" (TNRT) actors staff.

She was recently played an episode role of nun Beth in “Welcome to Mercy”  (2018) horror film by Tommy Bertelsen (US), leading role of Marta in “On One Breath” (2019) short film by Maria de Valikhoff (RU), episode role of Marta Ozolina in “1906” (2019) historical film by Gatis Smits (LV), supporting lead of Mother in “Kaleidoscope” short film by Antons Barons (LV) and a lot of Latvian TV-series. 

Playing age is 17-27 y.o. She was born and currently living in Riga, Latvia. Marija speaks three languages (ENG, LV, RU), good at singing, dancing and playing some music instruments. 

In 2018 she was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress in Latvian Theatres Actors Award Ceremony for “Lake of Hopes Frozen”.

Also, in 2018 she was playing leading role Guna in Latvian short film “VK iznāk no meža” (“VK came from the woods”). This movie has won Best Picture Award at he the most prestigious Latvian Film Festival “Lielais Kristaps” (“Great Kristaps”).

In 2017 she has got nomination for Supporting Lead in “Beasty love” in Latvian Theatres Actors Award Ceremony.

In 2013 was the first nomination for Supporting Actress in “Autumn in Saint Petersburg” in Latvian Theatres Actors Award Ceremony.